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We provide a large selection of quality designer frames, sunglasses, magnetic clip-ons, sports goggles, and safety glasses. 

  • Carrera

  • Coach

  • Dolce & Gabbana

  • Gucci

  • Marc Jacobs

  • Michael Kors

  • Oakley

  • Prada

  • RayBan

  • Silhouette

  • Tiffany 

  • Tom Ford

  • Versace

  • Wiley-X
    …and many more!

Our lens specialists are here to answer all of your questions.  Premium lenses for digital eyestrain, progressive multi-focal lenses, transitions, anti-glare coating and many more.

Contact Lenses

We fit a variety of contact lenses, including most breathable and wetting state-of-the-art contacts, color contacts, toric(astigmatism), and Multifocal lenses.

We fit a variety of lens types, specializing in difficult-to-fit patients and those with complex prescriptions. Please ask if you are unsure whether you are a candidate for contact lenses.


Elevate your style and protect your eyes. We are proud to serve exceptional quality selections.

Explore a diverse range of

sunglasses from top brands.

Find your perfect style statement with us!

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